Our Story



SLO&LOW was born on the beaches of Delaware in 2015. It was our daughter who hatched the initial concept while collecting stones and sea glass. We realized Delaney could be on to something (she usually is). Expanding on her idea, it appeared there might actually be room for a new lifestyle brand. One that explores coastal life in DELMARVA and plugs the gap between those preppy, salty and edgy brands. With a few bucks and some sweat-equity, we launched in the fall of 2017. 

Wondering about the name? It was inspired by the slang for down state Delaware, "Slower-Lower." We distilled it, misspelled it for irreverence sake and added an ampersand. Our trademark attorney said this makes it more "ownable" or something. We just thought it sounded cool. Then we bolted on a tag line that's more like a call-to-action. Oh yeah, we designed our little solar-logo too. Here's the best part. The sun is either rising or setting over the water - it really just depends on your coast or perspective. 

That's our story and we're sticking with it (for now).

Take it SLO and Go Coastal!